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Sheriff Offers Xbox For Info On Vandals | News

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Sheriff Offers Xbox For Info On Vandals

CHEROKEE COUNTY, GA -- What would it take for you to turn in a friend who broke the law? The Sheriff of Cherokee County is thinking outside the box to try to catch some vandals. That would be the Xbox.

Early Saturday morning vandals tipped over one of the sheriff office's mobile sign trailers. They had placed one in the Bridgemill Community because of speeding complaints. The sign trailers post your speed as you drive by them. "It's a $14,000 dollar trailer," said Lt. Jay Baker. "It shows speed, it gives out community notices and other types of public safety warnings to the community."

The trailer is a total loss according to Lt. Baker. He said it appears that several teenagers tipped the trailer over causing the damage.

Cherokee County Sheriff Roger Garrison wants to know who did it and he has come up with an idea to elicit tips. He's offering anyone who gives him information that leads to arrests a brand new Xbox 360.

It's a gaming system that most kids would die for if they didn't have one. In this case the Sheriff is hoping they would rat out their friends for one. "We're hoping that it'll stir up some conversation within the neighborhood of children who know what actually happened," Lt. Baker said.

It's called thinking outside the box using an Xbox.

Anyone with information about the vandalism is asked to call the Cherokee County Sheriff Office at 770-928-0239.


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