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Chattahoochee Tech begins ESL program

Chattahoochee Tech begins ESL program

MARIETTA, Ga. -- Chattahoochee Technical College will roll out a new program for non-native English-speaking students next month.

The Intensive English Program will feature classes in American culture and the English language, with a focus on grammar, writing, reading, speaking and listening. Students will learn in several environments, including a classroom, computer lab, library and from peer tutors.

"In the broad scope, the program will offer international students who currently attend or are interested in attending undergraduate programs in the United States the opportunity to improve their English language skills," Chattahoochee Tech ESL resource instructor Carol Glickman said in a statement.

Tuition for the Intensive English Program is $1,410 for full-time students, which includes 160 hours of instruction. There are also part-time options that cost $300 per class.

Star pet painter paints Pirelli

Star pet painter paints Pirelli

ALPHARETTA, Ga. -- "I've done everything from sales to marketing, accounting," said Emily Griffith. But one day nine years ago, long after most people have chosen their life's path, Griffith found a new one.

"I was early in my 40's, and I had no idea I knew how to paint," she said.

Turns out Griffith was a natural, and even though she calls a first painting of her dog primitive, it's still better than most people could ever do.

"The more you paint, the more your eye gets trained," she said humbly.

Almost 1,000 paintings later, Griffith is a renowned painter -- of pets.

"That's what I'm known for is capturing the dog's personality," she said.

Especially when that dog is the dawg -- Ugga. Griffith has painted Uggas 7, 8 and 9.

She also painted actress Tori Spelling's dog, who died.

And she's painted hundreds of not so famous pets, no less adored by their owners.

Sequoyah HS senior paints mural for school

Sequoyah HS senior paints mural for school

CANTON, Ga. -- An artistic senior at Canton's Sequoyah High School showed her appreciation for her school in a big way.

Ginger Odom spent part of her summer break painting a mural on the sides of two 40-foot athletic storage containers that are kept near the football/soccer practice field.

"Having completed several art courses, I offered to use my skills to complete this task," Ginger said. "This service project has been an excellent way for me to expand my skills, produce a useful piece of artwork, give back to my school and help me in my future goals of creating products that benefit the public."

Ginger is an honor student, a member of the National Honor Society and a pole vaulter on Sequoyah's track and field team. This year, she is also participating in the school's chapter of the National Art Honor Society and plans to engage in other service projects that will allow her to use art to benefit the community.