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BEST SPOTS: Neighborhood Thrift Stores
BEST SPOTS: Neighborhood Thrift Stores

ROME, Ga. -- For this week’s installment of Best Spots, we've compiled a list of Neighborhood Thrift Stores for you to purchase some eccentric and timeless pieces.

In today’s economy, it’s important for shoppers to get the most bang for their buck and the thrift store is where you can do that. Open your mind fashionistas and fashionmistas, the thrift store isn’t only for those in need.

The old-faithful America’s Thrift is good for those who enjoy bargains and thrifty finds. The store, like most others is color-coded and they offer discounts daily, depending on a daily color coded discount system. Shoppers can receive from 30% to 50% off select purchases. Customers complain that they aren’t able to try on clothes before they buy them, however, the store offers a store credit to all returned clothing. For information on store locations visit America’s Thrift online.

Park Avenue Thrift is an absolute must for Acworth thrifters. According to thrift loyalists, the store is a goldmine for designer clothes, purses, shoes, and home goods. The store offers a 50% off sale for repeat customers and closes at 10:00 p.m. so the ITP crowd can come up and show after work. The store is located at 5520 Bells Ferry Road in Acworth.

For the newest styles for the lowest prices, visit Penny Annie’s. The store has been in business for about 17 years and strives to provide people with limited funds with the newest, most modern name brand items. At the end of the season, the store sits a $1 rack outside to liquidate their inventory. The store is located at 2298 Maple Road in Rome,

Visit local thrift store, Value Village for underpriced unique finds and thrift store bargains. Value Village offers vintage items, collectibles, antiques and quality clothing at thrift store prices. Some shoppers call this the “best shopping” and they say they “always find things here”. The store offers plenty of brand names and shoppers find looks for every occasion. The Value Village Thrift Store is located at 119 Cobb Parkway in Marietta.

Have fun with our suggestions and send us your photos at photos@11alive.com . You may see yourself on our “Weekends Best Photos” article on Monday.

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