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LOCAL PROFILE: Local firefighter becomes a hero after dog rescue | Community Spirit

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LOCAL PROFILE: Local firefighter becomes a hero after dog rescue
LOCAL PROFILE: Local firefighter becomes a hero after dog rescue

NORTHWEST METRO – Earlier this week, a Woodstock firefighter became an unexpected hero after rescuing Koko, the schnauzer from a burning home.

Ten year fire rescue veteran, Brian Scudder, began his career in fire rescue in the city of Ellijay. About two years later he moved to the City of Woodstock, where he has been for about eight years. Among his most memorable rescues, as a firefighter, he notes the date he carried out a rescue operation at the Whitestone miner; however, he was unable to free the miners.

“Unfortunately, it didn’t go as planned”, he explained.

Every week, Scudder works the normal schedule of a firefighter. The schedule includes 24 hours on the job and 48 hours off. By all accounts, he’s a “normal” guy but the owners of the home on River Run recently destroyed by fire will always view him as a hero.

As he recounts the rescue, he says, “we were called out for a house fire and once we arrived on the scene the Cherokee County Fire and EMS were already there”.

“We went to try to reduce the smoke and I heard what sounded like, what I thought was, a woman screaming”, he explained.

Scudder then proceeded to break the back window and call out to whoever was left in the home. No one responded so he proceeded to search the house to locate the source of the sound. He then went into the master bedroom and spotted a dog, on the floor.

“The dog was lifeless, he was limp”, said Scudder.

Scudder picked the dog up and escaped from the room just as it was engulfed in flames. When he got to the broken window, he handed the dog off to Eric Hatten, a Cherokee County Fire and EMS paramedic. Hatten then provided the dog with oxygen until it was revived.

After the dog was revived and released by Fire and EMS, the owners of the home arrived on the scene and frantically began expressing their concern about the dog.

“The owners were really happy the dog was alive”, said Scudder.

Scudder is now being proclaimed as an area hero and has received many calls about the recent dog rescue; however, he seems pretty even keeled about the whole thing.

“I don’t know about being a hero. I was just doing my job”, he says with a chuckle.

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