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CANTON | Church burns down, but wedding will still go on | News

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CANTON | Church burns down, but wedding will still go on

CANTON, Ga. -- A fire that leveled an office complex in Canton early Monday had among its tenants, the River Baptist Church.

For two of its parishioners, the loss was especially devastating. They had planned to be married in the complex courtyard on May 18.

Alex Massey is a full-time student and waits tables to make extra cash. Her fiancé, Chris Benson, works full time at Starbucks and holds down two part time jobs.

Their May wedding was all set, but the fire put everything on hold.

"We were supposed to get married there, and I have no idea what we are going to do," Massey said. "I do have faith that it's going to work out somehow."

Within hours, 11Alive's Bill Liss found a way to get everything worked out for the bride and groom.

"What if I told you that you were going to get married at Chateau Élan?" Liss asked the couple.

"I'd probably cry," Massey said.

To save money, the couple had planned to bake cookies and cakes to serve at a reception following the ceremony. Chateau Élan is going one better and providing the couple with a full spread from its bakery along with beverage service for the 150 planned guests.

"When the wedding is over, you are going to stay in the Bridal Suite," Liss told the astonished couple. 

"Oh my gosh. That's incredible," they said in unison.

The hotel is arranging for the wedding guests to stay overnight at special rates.

What only a few days ago the couple thought was a dead-end is now turning out to be a special celebration.


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