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Jury finds Cherokee County School Board member lied to police | News

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Jury finds Cherokee County School Board member lied to police

Canton, GA-- A jury has found Cherokee County School Board member Kelly Marlow guilty on two charges of making false statements to police.

Marlow was standing trial along with two friends- political advisor Trim Robert Trim and former Cherokee GOP secretary Barbara Knowles.

Jurors also convicted Trim and Knowles of making false statements to police and falsifying a police report.

Sentencing is set for Thursday at 9am. Marlow faces up to ten years behind bars.

"This was a complex case. We are pleased with the verdict and we would like to thank the jurors for their time and hard work," said Prosecutor Rachelle Carnesale.

Marlow waged a bitter battle with School Superintendent Frank Petruzielo and some other board members, even asking the SACS accrediting agency to investigate them for alleged mismanagement.

It all came to a head aftera June 13th board meeting when Marlow, Trim and Knowles filed a police report claiming Superintendent Petruzielonearly ran them over with his SUV while they were crossing the street in front of a downtown Canton restaurant.

"The superintendent of the schools raced right by me in his white BMW," Knowles said to the Canton 911 operator, "and did not, did not stop. Nothing."

Moments later during the call, the operator asks, "Okay, and so he sped by you?"

"I was crossing the street and he sped up and went right by me."

Knowles admitted they were not in a pedestrian crosswalk.

Petruzielo issued a statement saying, "As indicated when I was informed of the report being filed against me, this is a very serious allegation that has no basis in fact."

Nearly a month later, on July 5th, Canton Police filed the false report charges against Marlow, Trim and Knowles instead.

All three remain out on bond until their sentencing.


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