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CANTON | Speculation raises fear in Jorelys Rivera murder investigation | News

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CANTON | Speculation raises fear in Jorelys Rivera murder investigation

CANTON, Ga. -- Rumors were flying Tuesday at the apartment complex where 7-year-old Jorelys Rivera was murdered. There's talk now of a second suspect and some residents are so much on edge they're talking about moving out.

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"Yeah they're moving out. Some of them are," a resident told us.

It's easy to understand why people are nervous.  On October 5th there had been a stabbing at the River Ridge apartments in Canton.

It's easy to see how rumors get started and people start to panic. Residents had said it was an 8-year-old boy who'd been stabbed but we got our hands on the police report and discovered the victim was 18-years-old and that three people had already been arrested in that case.

In the Jorelys murder investigation so little information has been released that residents are starting to speculate even believing a second suspect is on the loose.

"That's the rumor I heard that there was another suspect that this guy didn't do it that another person did," said Tim, who didn't want his last name used.

But GBI investigators say 'no'. They have their man. What they are not saying is much about the evidence found to put the current suspect, 20-year-old Ryan Brunn, behind bars. 

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"He's confused, concerned, scared," Brunn's defense attorney David Cannon said Tuesday.

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Cannon hasn't seen any physical evidence gathered by the GBI. All he knows is what he says he's heard the director of the GBI express publicly.

"That he's got evidence of blood and things of that nature maybe other physical evidence found at the scene that he believes ties to my client," Cannon said.  "I don't have any idea yet whether that's true or not."

Cannon won't have access to discovery material until after a grand jury is convened. However, he's already aware that based on the publicity surrounding the case, he may have to ask for a change of venue for the trial.

In the meantime, no matter what is being said officially, residents at the River Ridge apartments continue to speculate and some have told us they are moving out.


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