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Photo Gallery | PHOTOS | Sixes ES supports Hurricane Sandy victims

CANTON, Ga. -- When Sixes Elementary School third grade teacher Mary Alice Gresch learned of the devastation Hurricane Sandy caused to her native New York, she decided to rally her students to help the storm victims.

Gresch founded the Sixes Emergency Management Association (SEMA) to send aid to Francis X. Hegarty Elementary School in Island Park, N.Y., which was hit hard by Sandy.

The Sixes students made chocolate chip cookies and sold them at lunch. Money raised by the cookie sale went to books and supplies for the Long Island elementary school.

Altogether, the SEMA members collected $200 and 15 boxes of much-needed school supplies.

"The (New York) school responded to the donations with a note of profound thanks and sent photos of the students opening their packages," Sixes Elementary principal John Hultquist said in a statement. "Francis X. Hegarty Elementary School will continue the school year in their feeder middle school, no doubt a bit better off due to the efforts of SEMA."

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