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Photo Gallery | PHOTOS | Drug bust included 7 arrests, more than 13 pounds of meth

WOODSTOCK, Ga. -- Police in Cherokee County have arrested seven people accused of operating a Woodstock-based drug ring.

"This is the fourth major drug trafficking organization we have dismantled in the last year," said Cherokee Multi-Agency Narcotics Squad commander Phil Price. "We will not allow Cherokee County to become a haven for drug traffickers."

The first series of arrests took place on Friday, Jan. 6, when deputies detained Jimmy Swancey for burglary and meth possession. Officers subsequently raided Swancey's listed place of employment -- an unnamed mechanic shop on Industrial Drive in Woodstock -- where they found about half a pound of cocaine and 1.3 pounds of meth.

Victor Perez Valle, Jose De Jesus Lopez-Benitez and Jonathan Scott were all arrested at the shop.

Police also found 13 more pounds of meth in a Cobb County motel room associated with the mechanic shop.

On Monday, police executed a search warrant at the Walden Pond apartment complex in Woodstock, where they arrested Shawna Rogers, Marc Lefevre and Aaron Boyd, and seized a .45 caliber handgun and about $33,000 in cash.

The total value of the drugs discovered during this series of events equaled about $266,500.

"We are very pleased with the outcome of this investigation," said Cherokee County Sheriff Roger Garrison. "This is an excellent example of teamwork between multiple agencies, which has fortunately resulted in the removal of these suspects from the streets of Cherokee County."

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